About us

Events View Inc and NARAT Group (Events) is extremely proud and thrilled to present Canada’s Talent Show; the Toronto Talent Show.

Toronto Talent Show is the only and largest professional reality television talent show, highlighted by live performances, in the whole of Canada.

Toronto Talent Show is extremely inclusive. Whether you are auditioning for the show, or simply want to be part of the audience, live or from home. We encourage participation in the show from all around the world!

Appealing to amateur comedians, singers and musicians, dancers (urban, contemporary, classical, cultural-traditional, etc.), magicians, spoken word artists, beat boxers, free stylers, break dancers, street performers, and many more performance-based artistic forms. The show is really about discovering “diamonds in the rough”; true gems of Canadian talent. We want to encourage support and celebration of the performing arts scene.

Our talent show will be open to the public, with spectacular venues to host both the live auditions and recordings.

This event promises to never have a dull moment. Through our interactive mobile and tablet apps, compatible with all devices and operating systems. Regardless of whether you are at home watching the show, or in the live audience, you will be able, in real-time, to participate directly in the show.

Through reading bios on the acts performing on the stage; a history about their style or type of performance; sharing general impressions with the shows judges; and rating the performance and/or voting for your favorites, the Toronto Talent Show aims to redefine the social and discover the best talent in Canada.